An Introduction

Wherein I convince you that reading this blog is not a total waste of your time.

Thank you for reading to The Diplomatic Developer! I’m Brennon, a student of computer science at the University of Pittsburgh’s Johnstown campus. In my spare time I make music and talk incessantly about the advantages of open-source software.

Source: Reddit (As is the case for most images I’ve saved to my phone.)

I’ve wanted to add my voice to the spheres of technology and politics for a little while now, but have never really had the time to get started. Not enough people know what open-source software and Linux are, nor do they understand the privacy concerns posed by Internet service providers and corporations like Comcast, Facebook, and Microsoft.

There are plenty of blogs and websites which talk about these things, but all too often they preach to the choir, being geared toward people who are already familiar with the tech scene. My goal is to take the approach of people like Tom Scott and Vsauce, taking typically complicated subjects and making them digestible for an everyday audience.

I hope you enjoy taking this little journey with me! Please comment if I get a little too preachy.

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