The Importance of Digital Privacy

The lack of public concern around online privacy violations is almost as terrifying as the violations themselves.

There are few things as heavily linked to digital media as the privacy concerns that constantly surround it. Social media is consistently plagued with controversy, from Russian election meddling with propaganda to Facebook making it way too easy for third parties to scrape data without users’ consent. It often seems that both third parties and corporations continuously find ways to irk tech enthusiasts…and yet the rest of the population rarely seems to care.

Source: Pew Research

Amid all of these concerns of privacy, the question then becomes, “How do we tell people?” These are all things about which people should be extremely concerned, but most of the conversations around privacy and digital rights are geared toward people who already understand the situation.

What solution is there except to write for the general public? Talk about how to stay safe when using digital media. Call out these corporations and bad actors in a way that explains their wrongs in plain English. That is the goal of The Diplomatic Developer, as it relates to digital media.

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