Meme Culture and You

The Internet is not known for taking things seriously. Does this say something about humanity as a whole?

This blog is not going to be all gloom and doom. Sure, I will often harp on the 1984-esque ways of Silicon Valley, or the increasingly concerning social precedents set in places like China (more on that in a future post). However, the world of technology is vast, and I’d dare say most of it is truly awesome…or at the very least, funny as hell.

Take, for example, the egg that broke the world record for most likes on Instagram. An egg. This one, to be exact:

Does this say something profound or interesting about our species? That we value arguably dumb humor over the precious gift of life? (The previous record holder was Kylie Jenner and her baby, Stormi.) Do we just like to spite people who are more famous or successful than us? Was it mostly bot accounts? Or is that just “the way it be” for some reason or another?

The fact of the matter is that the culture of digital media is inherently linked to – if not encompassed by – the culture of the entire Internet, and by extension the culture of everything tech. It’s near impossible to talk about anything in the world of gadgets and wires without discussing the online storm of information which surrounds it. To talk about technology is to talk about digital media.

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