When Comedic Contrast Speaks For Itself

When I was instructed to create a narrative with no original content, I decided to go political.

Inspired by the lack of civility in today’s political climate, I set out to make a video that would showcase it in stark contrast to the politics of past decades. I figured that if people were to see the debates between Reagan and Carter in 1980, or even between Obama and McCain as recently as 2008, perhaps they would realize just how…not normal the fiasco of 2016 really was.

I started out with a very simple structure: play clips from past debates in chronological order, showing how formal and respectful the process typically is. Then, in contrast, show then-candidate Trump interrupting Clinton, Clinton making snide and directed attacks against Trump, both acting like spoiled children. The contrast would speak for itself.

The problem was brought to my attention, upon review of this first draft, that no one just wants to watch people talk, even if it is a buildup to a comedic payoff. From that, I decided to superimpose comments from the videos I stole appropriated onto said videos. As these candidates would discuss the issues, text would come onto the screen talking about how civil and strong their arguments are, about the sort of respect they showed in their discussions.

When we got to 2016, the comments regarding what a mess the debate was would be displayed. This would further the point of the video, while providing additional content to keep viewer interest.

I decided against adding any content older than 1980 because, honestly, it wasn’t necessary. The complete lack of civility and respect, while it may have been present in the past, has only become this prevalent in recent years. I would argue that not since the Civil War have we seen the U.S. as divided and distrusting of “the other guys” as we are today.

In addition, this was a fantastic opportunity to practice video editing, a skill at which I would like to improve. It has been a long time since I posted anything to YouTube, and the first time for my current channel that I have done so. Provided this does well, I may post video more often.

The video is embedded below. All sources are linked and named in the description.

Source: diplomaticDeveloper on YouTube (That’s me.)

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