What Happens When EVERYONE Is a Moderator?

“When everybody’s super…no one will be.”

So the r/DarkJokes subreddit is collapsing. It turns out one of the moderators was frustrated by lack of support from other mods, and decided to make a point. What has resulted is an interesting case study in what happens when everyone has all the power.

Posts are being locked immediately, with seemingly random flairs based on the whim of the few who comment in time. Rules have been added to prevent Despacito…or encourage it? I’m not really sure.

One redditor pointed out that this is exactly what we should have expected; the people are just as power hungry as the mods, and would jump on the opportunity to wreak havoc. I’m inclined to agree; I even tried to use one of the flairs to advertise this website, though it was quickly replaced by another seemingly random message.

Will r/DarkJokes survive this? I guess we’ll see.

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